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Wed May 25, 2011 10:53 am by IJames
miss you fuckers.

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To anyone who can hear this, proceed to forum for revival
Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:59 pm by The One Frohman
Better safe than sorry...better safe than sorry...

Now, me and Markymark are working towards reviving this clan.

Anyone who wants to join in, join in.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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The One Frohman

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 Clan Constitution [Updated Mar. 29, 2010]

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The One Frohman
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PostSubject: Clan Constitution [Updated Mar. 29, 2010]   Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:54 am

We the founders, in order to form a more perfect clan government, establish justice, the rights of the players, and rules and regulations to secure those rights, and to promote the general gaming experience.

Rules and Regulations

1. Do not post any porn of any variation on our forums or servers, you will be banned immediately
2. Do not spam our forums or server
3. Do not Mic Spam

"Commissioners" -
Has the power to veto any vote if it is not reasonable, they get the final say in any situation, and they both must agree on the final decision before it is passed. Their veto can be overridden by a majority vote by everyone. Can refuse election.

"Advisors" -
Fine tune and re-post votes, sort of like a cabinet to a Canadian government. any issues or questions should be directed to a board member, and not to a Governor General, they are to stop abusive powers by the board. Cannot create rules of any kind, only propose them.

"Clan Members" -

Initiate votes of any sort, vote on rules or laws. Creates laws. (e.g. : servers, forums, ect.)

"Community Spokespersons" -

Represent the community in any situation, and are responsible for delivering any clan news, scandals, or changes to the community.

The Way Things Work:

>Clan member initiates vote > vote is held and decided upon first time with a 51% or higher average > vote passed on to board members who tweak and fine tune ( if necessary ) the vote and re post it (if needed)> if vote gets 51% or more again its then passed on > Governor Generals decide on the final vote and must agree with each other, no compromises, it's a yes or no vote.

A denial by a Governor General can be overriden by a majority vote by everyone.

A clan member having access to admin is completely dependent on their behavior, activeness, helpfulness, to the clan.
Admin votes will be initiated by Board Members which will then be voted on by all members including Governor Generals.

Governor Generals are forbidden to vote on the first or second round of voting, they may only vote on the final decision.

Any Member of the forums may put forward a vote.

The Commissioner has the power to DENY a vote, but that denial can be put up to a vote by forum users (untouchable by the board) if anyone disagrees with it, anyone joined in the forums then has a chance to voice their opinion by voting to override his denial.


Laws are subject to change at any time by vote of the clan members, not including Advisors or Commissioners.
Laws may be added, removed, or amended at any given time or reason by a vote but will not be enforced until the update.


Governor General(s)
The final say on votes (excluding clan recruitment)
Not including laws.

Board Members
Modify/Tweak votes brought forth by users of the forum (Can Be Denied by a Majority of Clan Members)
Manage Server/Forum Maintenance
Enforce Rules and Regulations
To Provide Help to Anyone in Need of Assistance
New Board Members are Nominated by the Board and Governor Generals
New Board Members Can Only Be Accepted by a 75% vote from the Community and Clan

Clan Members
Wear your tag proudly (your tag represents who you are on the forum and on the servers)
Be polite to anyone who may ask you for assistance
Be a good role model for the clan ( if you aren't and we catch wind of it, you will be put on trial for removal)
Abide by all the server and forum rules, if you don't, then you don't deserve the tag.
Never remove your tag,(unless told to do so for undercover purposes) if you are seen without it, then we will assume that you don't wish to be in the clan anymore and will be removed at once
Is there something you think that needs to be changed put a vote in the appropriate voting section.

Forum Users
Abide by the rules, if you don't, you will quickly find yourself out of this community
Being troubled by someone? Report them, we can't help you if you dont help yourself.
Is one of our members being naughty (get your mind out of the gutter) please report them to a board member (if it IS a board member, please notify a gov. general.
Do not under any circumstances spam anything on our forums or servers, this will get your I.P address permanently banned from both.

Created by The One Frohman, MarkyMark, and Cryosis.
Tweaked by Seven


There once was an image here, in memoriam above is the link.
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Clan Constitution [Updated Mar. 29, 2010]
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